Jampit Guest House

Facilities :
The fire place at Guest House Jampit fully atmosphere nature.

Meeting room, coffee break and eglipped by tenis court. The wide land can be used as the place for Ijen adventure tour.

The opportunity to explore the hidden heaven, far away frow the crowds you have already eperienced. Tasted the localy grown coffee of the guest house Jampit and Arabica Homestay

Ijen Plateau, on active crater complex of gigantic propotion the eastern most chimney in java's long chain of volcanoes. Today the bowl is home to thousand of people who earn a living on the coffee estates that cover most of the valley floor.

Ijen crater is one of the tourist destination which has been well known by the foreign and local tourist. It located at Sempol village. Sempol subdistrict, it has the beautiful natural view. Ijen temperature is between 2 to 8 degree celcius an the crater area locates on the height 2386 meter above sea level (2386 mdpl). It is decorated by the edelweiss flower land and (the collection flower) the other plant, like the casuariea junghu (cemara gunung) etc, and the various animals, like jungle fowl (ayam hutan) and porcupine (landak) etc. The distance of the place about 68 km from the town center.

The in credible view of Ijen plateau, the active Ijen volcanoes. Where you many see inside the crater, the most poisonous lake in the world


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